Are flowers of the sea really friendly?

Are flowers of the sea really friendly

If you look deeply inside sea you will realise why these flowers of the sea were once called plant-animals.

These are actually sea anemones that look like plants but are actually are not flowers. They are greedy predators, catching and eating fishes, worms, crabs and any other creatures that come in contact with these plant-animals. They are meat eating animals that typically attach themselves to the seafloor or coral reefs. Their stomach is divided by partitions to increase its surface area so that it can digest larger prey also.

Flowers of the sea seem to be static but when you constantly watch them under water they continuously move contracting and expanding the body and gliding about.

These anemones are often attached to a hard surface such as rocks or boulders. But then they also bury themselves in sand, mud or gravel on the sea floor.

These creatures have no brain but have nervous system. They can survive upto 60-80 years but actually they can live indefinitely in the absence of predators or any disease since they have the capability of cloning themselves and hence do not age.

One fascinating thing about these flowers of the sea is their shrinking capacity in the night by about 20-25% so they look smaller if you dive into the sea in night to watch these plant-animals.

Let’s try night sea exploration next time to feel this fascinating thing.

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