Frogs that live in desert

Frogs that live in desert

It is difficult to imagine frogs living in desert.

But this is true.

There are about 19 species of frogs that live in desert and mostly in Central Australia. The rainfall in these areas is very scarce and the water bodies completely dry during droughts.

This means the amphibians must lay eggs and get the newly born prepared for next dry cycle.

Actually these water holding frogs living in such dry areas have adapted themselves where the frog takes water through its skin, digs down into mud when it is soft and then lies dormant inside for the entire period of drought. When the rain comes and mud is soft the frog comes out of the cocoon and replenishes water intake. During this time the eggs are quickly laid and withing weeks grow into adults while the water is still available.

The young frogs feed on the insects while water is still available during rainy weather.

Next time when the drought is about to come the frogs again begin to store water to be used during entire drought period and go inside the mud as the drought period continues for months unless fresh rain comes.

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