Airlines in danger due to 5G

Airlines in danger due to 5G

The federal aviation administration this month warned of 5G consequences on aviation industry and requested Biden administration to delay deployment of 5G services.

Dave Calhoun, Chief executive at Boeing & Jeffrey Knittel, CEO at Airbus Americas requested US government of delaying roll out of 5G wireless technology as it will interfere with airline radar altimeter. Altimeter measures height of airplane above a fixed point including sea level.

350,000 flights a year are expected to be delayed due to use of 5G technology as per alarm sounded by many airlines executive. This will translate to USD 2 billion in flight delays each year.

The impact will be more during storms, cloudy sky or smog as 5G frequencies will interfere with sensitive airline safety system which operate near the same frequencies. The pilots will be forced to divert flight to a nearby airport which is not 5G covered as they will not get timely and correct frequencies to land the plane at the designated airport.

If implementation is not delayed it will be catastrophic failure of Biden government.

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