What is your future beyond 2020?

What is your future beyond 2020?

Have you heard putting humans on Mars and computers in brains?

There will be mind blowing inventions and technology advancement in space and on planet that will have drastic impact on our daily life. I am presenting a list of projects coming and will shape our future:

  • Year 2020 will see launch of Tesla Roadster 2.0 with production capacity going to one million per year by 2020 itself. This roadster will jump to 0-100 kmph in only 1.9 seconds and will cover whopping 1000kms on a single charge. The purchasers will also have the option to make it stronger by getting additional features and horsepower added at the time of purchasing. You will get customized car instead of getting it customized after purchase.
  • Year 2021 will have completion of a Gigafactory in China around 2020 and will begin production by 2021. This is aligned with the protection of environment by having more focus on electric cars. Tesla will also put up 1000 superchargers to charge these cars at a very fast speed. Gigafactory will be based on clean energy concept and will confirm commitment to eliminating pollution.
  • Year 2022 will witness first planned cargo mission to Mars on revamped BFR (Big Falcon Rocket).This BFR is fully privately funded and reusable launch vehicle. This project will also bring down the cost of space travel.
  • Year 2024 will have the first crewed mission to the red planet. You will see city to city transport on the planet which will be very amazing. BFR developed earlier could also be used launch satellites and space telescopes or clean up space debris.
  • Year 2030 and beyond will have Neuralink a very interesting project where attempts will be made to merge human brain with AI (Artificial Intelligence). Brain has two layers- the limbic system which controls emotions, long term memory and behavior & second layer with the name cortex that handles complex thoughts, reasoning and long term planning. Neuralink will add third layer to complement these two layers.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for these projects and has been thinking how our life will be.

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