Peepal tree with Ghost in Dwarka Sector 9

Peepal tree with Ghost in Dwarka Sector 9

The desolate road next to Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station leads to a popular haunted Peepal tree where dim light gives it a spooky look.

My friend and I were on car and tried to get around that tree at around 9.00 in the night where 2 dogs around the tree were barking. As we approached the tree the traffic decreased and in about 2 minutes we were the only one in the dark with very dim light and dogs barking. People say that whenever these dogs bark something would definitely happen.

There are many other stories that revolve around this tree. Some say that a couple died in a car accident few years ago and they could be felt whenever someone crosses this tree in the dark. The couple suddenly appears and then disappears and sometimes the woman attired in white loose sari appears to be running after the car.

Some even say that after 10 in the night the lady was heard dancing on the road.

There are many other stories but we could not bear the sight.

We decided to leave the place.



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3 thoughts on “Peepal tree with Ghost in Dwarka Sector 9

  1. hi abhiraj sir it might be someone there coz dogs can easily grab their presence i think a soul would have been there thats why dog were barking ..and u were there may i ask at night u didnt feel little fearfull or any kind of stir …

    1. Hi Gaurav..very valid question.. i felt fearfull but what could i do when i had already reached there. I just started engine and put my foot on accelerator before I could be harmed by any spirit..

      1. yes…on that time anyone even i also cant stay a single second coz its very dangerous….

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