Now! Pigeonbot has come to rescue

Now! Pigeonbot has come to rescue

Developed by researchers at Stanford University, PigeonBots have come as a blueprint for this new generation as scientists have found greater value in these urban birds.

Birds are very flexible and can bend their most of the body parts appealing to mankind as they can be made to do any task.

Researchers bent the wings of dead Pigeons and found how wings were controlled and how the feathers were aligned.

Based on these findings scientists built a robot with real pigeon feathers that could wrist and fingers could morph wing shape as seen in a dead pigeon.

Besides laying the foundation for building more graceful PigeonBots, “what is really cool about this robot can make manipulations in a robot wing that you could never do or want to do in a bird” says David Lentink, a biologist and an engineer at Stanford University.

These pigeon robots or PigeonBot have revolutionized the technological side as they are very effective in combating real birds flying near the plan. PigeonBot avoids colliding of birds with the plane thus avoiding crash and also help us in better understanding as to how birds fly and also their movement.

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