5G-Better ways of life


Internet has changed our lives drastically and has done amazing things.

Earlier natural communication was done.

Natural means people talking to one another and not using any technology like we use today.

No doubt earlier we were our slaves but today we are slaves of technology.

We heard 2G, 3G and 4G. These advances in technology have made lives fast and communication better and faster. Information flows instantly to anyone located anywhere on this planet.

Have you heard of 5G?

It is going to be commercially launched in India in 2020. However Korea is expected to launch it in 2018 during Olympics.

5G will further change our lives in following ways:

Can you imagine taking live selfie with your favorite sportsperson playing in a stadium in different location? This will be possible as everything from phone to streetlight will be connected with 5G. This can further be streamed live in our house.

Smart doctors will be more easily available and use will become indispensable. Medical treatment will be available at our location from another location where smart doctor is based. Robotics will play a major role.

Driverless car is becoming a craze and experiments are being done in France, Singapore and few other countries. However people with deep pockets will afford these cars in initial years as sophisticated gadgets will be installed in these cars and will be a status symbol. With 5G driverless cars will be safer as potholes on roads or any human being or animal coming in the way will be detected immediately. Currently it takes few seconds to load a web page but 5G will enable to load a web page in less than a millisecond and hence instant communication will reach car system which will be almost real time.

Can you imagine corporation detecting a bulb which will be fused in few minutes? Concept of Smart Cities has gained momentum recently especially in India but 5G will make existing cities smart as everything from roads to street lights will  be connected  through data base and municipal corporations will get be alerted instantly.

So what are you thinking?

Can we live like our earlier generations lived?

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