World of Zombies-Part 3-The conclusion

World of Zombies-Part 3-The conclusion


Incidence 4

There is one more instance where funeral home workers in the Colombian city of Cali got shock of their lives in 2010 when a 45 year old woman named Noelia Serna being prepared for burial started breathing again. She had been admitted to hospital due to heart attack.

This is a Lazarus syndrome where a patient’s circulation returns after some time when the process of reviving the patient failed.

At least 25 such instances have been reported since 1981. The study shows that this happens due to delay in adrenaline administering by medical staff that reaches heart very late.

I have discussed various forms of Zombies and how different studies revealed their staggering torture.

I will now discuss the poison and its ingredients that make up perfect diet for Zombies. This poison creates the undead. Different aspects are discussed below that includes

  • The ingredients
  • How they are mixed and
  • How they are applied


The ingredients

Various ingredients are toxins from species that include Bufo marinus, Puffer fish, Albizia lebbeck & Mucana pruriens.

  • Toxins from toad known as Bufo marinus which is known for being something of a chemical nightmare producing numbing agents and hallucinogens.
  • Toxins from Puffer fish (a critical component of zombie potion) that cause paralysis, depressed respiration, reducing circulatory activity. Patients believe that they are floating over their own bodies.
  • Extracts from Albizia lebbeck, a species of plant are still unstudied and chemical effect is still unknown though it is also used in potion.
  • Extracts from Mucana pruriens, another species of plant that produces hallucinogenic effects.


The animal components along with human remains are heated together before being placed in a mortar. After being placed in a mortar the mixture is then heated with plant extracts to produce concoction of a granular consistency which is then shifted to produce the final extract.

Frying, stewing, boiling and baking do not denature the tetrodotoxins within the zombie inducing brew.

Denature refers to not taking away or changing natural qualities. Tetrodotoxins are toxins that are poisonous or destructive to nerve tissues.


The poison is applied repeatedly to the victim’s skin or an open wound or is blown in such a way that the victim inhales it. Some witch doctors add broken glass in the mixture so that if it is placed on a doorknob the skin will break and poison will be more effective.  “Give someone this poison and it kills victim too completely” as told by witch doctor to Edmund Wade Davis, a Harvard ethnobotanist.

This concoction is so deadly that witch doctors wear face masks and cover exposed skin with an oily emulsion to ensure that this poison do not affect  their skin.

Last but not the least these zombies look good to hear and see in movies and TV but I am sure you will not love to come across these creatures in real life.

I hope these articles must be of interest to you. I would love to hear your feedback on this.

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